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April 20, 2017
1:00PM EDT
How To Achieve Optimal Revenue Recovery While Maintaining TCPA and FDCPA Compliancy

The 2017 CFPB Annual report is here and with predictions of increased consumer debt in 2017 comes a renewed pledge from its chairman to ensure vigilance in consumer protection. While a new administration in the white house could mean changes in regulatory policy, the challenge for collection of consumer debt firms remains the same -- maximizing recovery rates while maintaining compliancy with current and future regulations.

Join David Cherner, Esq. of Moss & Barnett and Samuel Eidson, Director of Compliance at Delta Outsource Group, Inc. as they review FDCPA and TCPA regulations and trends and discuss how Interaction Analytics can help you achieve ideal compliancy and revenue recovery rates in the contact center.

In this webinar, you will learn:
  • Current activity at the Federal and State level and their impact on collection activity
  • Important operational practices for compliance with legal/CFPB expectations
  • How Interaction Analytics uncovers compliance exposure within your contact center
  • How Interaction Analytics insights improves agent performance and recovery rate