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Quality assurance (QA) is mission-critical in your contact center as it is often the only tool available to determine why customers and prospects are calling, emailing or texting your business. The problem, though, is that if QA finds an issue, it is a happy accident because according to DMG Associates, most companies only QA 2% – 3% of all interactions.
There is a practical solution to resolve this challenge: analytics-enabled quality assurance (AQA). A feature of speech analytics, the AQA application can cost-effectively listen to 100% of calls and identify company, product or employee trends.
Join this webinar featuring industry expert Donna Fluss of DMG Associates and learn:
  • Why it’s time to replace your traditional QA program with AQA
  • What AQA is and how it works
  • How AI and machine learning are enhancing the enterprise-wide benefits of QA
  • How AQA can take insights beyond the contact center
  • Case studies that demonstrate the benefits of AQA

Analytics-Enabled Quality Management Improves CX, Agent Engagement and Bottom Line
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