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Thursday, 25 July 2019 at 1:00PM BST

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Stop Avoidable Customer Churn with Great Customer Experience

There is a switching epidemic that is costing business at least £25 billion a year. In the recently published CallMiner Index we surveyed UK consumers to find out why they leave business and what experience would keep them as a loyal customer.

This webinar provides the perfect opportunity for business leaders, operations directors, call centre managers and anyone charged with the customer experience to understand the key issues uncovered and how they can be addressed. Join us to find out:

  • Which sectors have the biggest churn rates and how that has changed in the last five years
  • The main reasons for switching – and how the way you make your customer feel is at the heart of many of them
  • The emotional state of customers when they contact a call centre to have their issues addressed and how this changes after the call
  • The 10 avoidable call centre behaviours that encourage people to switch

You will also learn how you can protect your business from this switching epidemic by understanding:

  • How real-time feedback can help your agents’ self-coach and learn from their peers as they go
  • Why sometimes showing empathy is more important than a first time resolution
  • The most important behaviours frontline agents can display to drive satisfaction
  • How to move from lackluster routine interactions to Brilliant Engagement
  • The power of empowering your staff
  • How to move from just listening to your customers to driving action and instant improvement

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