What Can AI Do To Help Your Business Today?

Find out AI can really help your contact center. Join Vice President of AI Rick Britt and Senior Data Scientist Yang Liu as they break down how you can use AI to turn the data captured in your call center into actionable insights.

April 25, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. EDT.

What you'll learn in this discussion:

  • What kinds of problems can Artificial Intelligence solve

  • How AI & Machine Learning models turn your data into action

  • Use cases for how AI can help your business today including:

    First call resoution, NPS surveys, upsell opportunities, and identifying churn signals

Why Speech Analytics?

Are Your Call Recordings Up-to-Snuff for AI-fueled Speech Analytics?

The first step toward competing successfully in this Age of the Customer is capturing the voice of the customer. Many organizations are sitting on a gold mine of customer intelligence which they have already captured – their contact center call recordings.

The design of many recording platforms pre-dated the rise of AI-fueled speech analytics, which automatically transcribes and analyzes your call recordings.

Learn more about call capturing, including:

  • Speech Recognition Accuracy

  • Mono vs Stereo & Access to Your Voice Recordings

  • Identify actionable insights from calls in real-time

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