Text and Speech Analytics Are Not Created Equal

Join Vice President of AI Rick Britt and Data Scientist Kirsten Stallings as they dispel the myth that out-of-the-box text analytics works the same on speech data. They'll discuss the way speech analytics platforms have been trained on data derived from spoken conversation and tuned for the unstructured nature of voice communication.

May 16, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. EDT.

A sample of what you'll learn in this discussion:

  • Scientific differences between transcribed and spoken communication and text

  • Head-to-head performance comparisons of models trained on spoken communication versus text data

  • Natural Language Process (NLP) tools for overcoming common challenges in speech processing and modeling

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How AI Improves the Customer Experience

Real Use Cases of Engagement Analytics & Automation for

Contact Center Success

One of the reasons AI is making significant improvements to customer experience for many organizations is because it complements the contact center technologies and processes they already have in place.

Read our latest paper that provides an overview of artificial intelligence, explains how AI fits into the spectrum of technologies used for:

  • Managing contact center operations and efficiencies both on the agent and customer side

  • How speech is a gold mine for data

  • Leading use cases for delivering customer experience and stronger business value through customer engagement analytics