How Qualfon/Dialog Direct Converted to a Remote Agent Workforce

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Marvie Wright

While the recent Coronavirus outbreak has been forcing organizations worldwide to institute “work at home” policies for their workforce, progressive thought leaders in the contact center space have already been shifting a greater percentage of their agent personnel to a “work at home” model. While the economics and expanded labor pool potential represent compelling arguments in favor of the shift, the question remains “How do we make the transition and ensure our quality assurance program does not suffer in the process.”

Join Qualfon/Dialog Direct’s Vice President of Training, Marvie Wright as she provides an overview the advantages of migrating and creating a remote based contact center agent workforce. Learn how you can do this in your organization by hearing about Qualfon/Dialog Direct’s journey of achieving, maintaining and improving remote agent performance and customer outcomes with the support of speech analytics.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. ET / 11:00 a.m. PT

What you'll learn in this discussion:

    • The factors to consider in converting to a remote workforce
    • The steps Dialog Direct took in the remote workforce conversion process
    • The value of speech analytics to maintain and advance Qualfon/Dialog Direct’s QA program

Why Speech Analytics?

Are Your Call Recordings Up-to-Snuff for AI-fueled Speech Analytics?

The first step toward competing successfully in this Age of the Customer is capturing the voice of the customer. Many organizations are sitting on a gold mine of customer intelligence which they have already captured – their contact center call recordings.

The design of many recording platforms pre-dated the rise of AI-fueled speech analytics, which automatically transcribes and analyzes your call recordings.

Learn more about call capturing, including:

  • Speech Recognition Accuracy

  • Mono vs Stereo & Access to Your Voice Recordings

  • Identify actionable insights from calls in real-time