For many organizations, the need for improved customer experience has put greater pressure on live agent interactions, which in turn has increased the importance of real-time guidance. Thankfully, the realization of real-time agent guidance is easier than ever, thanks to the power of conversation analytics, combined with new integration technologies available through contact center as a service (CcaaS) providers.

Join MJ Johnson, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at CallMiner; Julian Tiongson, Product Marketing Lead for Five9 CRM, UC, and VoiceStream; Michael Leatherman, Customer Success Manager at CallMiner; and David Kiszka, Customer Success Director at CallMiner, as they explain the why and the how of leveraging the Cloud and the integration between their respective products to make the dream of real-time agent guidance a reality.

You'll learn:

  • About several game-changing use cases unlocked by real-time guidance delivered by CallMiner’s conversation analytics platform
  • The ease with which CallMiner real-time agent guidance can integrate with Five9’s CCaaS solution via VoiceStream API
  • The benefits of CCaaS solutions for real-time conversations when paired with conversation analytics

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Julian Tiongson
Product Lead
Five9 CRM, UC, and VoiceStream

Michael Leatherman
Customer Success Manager

David Kiszka
Customer Success Director

MJ Johnson
Sr. Director of Product Marketing