The pressure is on for retail brands to create a unique customer experience that feels personal and consistent.

Leading brands are doing so by deriving insights from 100% of customer conversations to develop a complete picture of customer effort and experience and extract key trends about their customers, across all communication channels. But how do they turn mountains of data into actionable insights to drive positive change?

Join one of the UK’s best-loved retail brands, John Lewis Partnership, with their strategic partner and global CX management leader, Sitel Group, as they share captivating insights in this panel discussion with CallMiner on how they have surfaced key conversation insights that drive action.

Attendees will learn:

  • The key drivers of increased customer effort and how to address them
  • How to leverage insights from customer interactions to uncover trends, and validate theories
  • Ways to turn conversation insights into actionable changes for business improvement


Ray Biggs
Head of Customer Care
John Lewis Partnership

Cris Kuehl
Global Head of Analytics Experience
Sitel Group®

John Ferguson
VP Account Management
Sitel Group®

Frank Sherlock
VP of International

Mandy Webb
Director of Marketing
Sitel Group®