Conversation intelligence technologies have tremendous potential for your contact centre, and entire organisation. They enable customer, employee, product and brand intelligence to be analysed for actionable insights, at scale, across voice and text channels - a key priority for forward thinking businesses. But, if you are looking to implement this technology, when is the right time? How do you pick a supplier? What’s the best way to get buy in from your senior management?

Join this live panel discussion to hear from Citation and Webhelp, as they share their unique views on how they navigated this very process, what they learnt along the way and the key considerations that they made to start their conversation intelligence journey.

In this Webinar you will learn:

  • Why organisations decided to implement and benefit from conversation intelligence through real-life stories
  • The factors that are most impactful when selecting a conversation intelligence provider
  • How to sow potential ROI, get senior leadership buy-in, and most importantly sign off to kick off a project


Frank Sherlock
VP International

Chris Bryson
MD Global Analytics

Stefano Spinola
Speech Analytics Coach

Amanda Hailey
Campaign Analyst

Speaker Name

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