Providing a seamless customer experience while driving contact center efficiency gains is more important and more challenging than ever.

And implementing a conversation analytics program to tackle these challenges can often result in slow adoption and delayed results. So, how can organizations ensure they make quick progress toward their quality and efficiency goals with the adoption of this technology?

Learn from our panel of experts: Hope Rufrano (Director of Customer Experience, Dunlop Sports Americas), Brandon Montalbo (Data Analyst, Dunlop Sports Americas), Kyle Carter (VP of Delivery & Co-Founder, Zenylitics), and Will Stagl (Partner Marketing Manager, CallMiner) as they explore Dunlop Sports’ journey with conversation analytics and how they realized value – quickly.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • How conversation analytics can help your organization achieve immediate efficiency gains
  • Which KPIs you should be using to track your progress
  • What you can do to evolve your program for continuous improvement and greater ROI beyond the first 90 days
  • More...


Kyle Carter
VP of Delivery & Co-Founder

Kyle Carter is co-founder and VP of Delivery at Zenylitics, LLC. Kyle has over 15 years of experience working in the contact center industry. His programs at Axcess Financial achieved break-through results in managing regulatory audits (state and federal), risk mitigation and performance improvement.

During his experience there, Kyle had learned first-hand the value (and challenge) of analyzing interactions at scale. He founded Zenylitics to make the benefits of CallMiner speech analytics available to other organizations while removing the expertise- and capital investment- barriers to entry that sophisticated enterprise speech analytics systems can present.

At Zenylitics, Kyle’s teams have improved sales performance (lower cancellation rates, increased close rates, reduced churn), improved customer experience metrics (CSAT, NPS), and enhanced agent adherence, and reduced quality assurance effort for their clients.

Hope Rufrano
Director of Customer Experience
Dunlop Sports Americas

Hope Rufrano is an award-winning Director of Customer Experience with a proven track record of leadership, of developing teams with increased productivity, and of delivering a best-in-class customer experience. With over 25 years’ experience, she is skilled at clarifying issues, advocating solutions, mobilizing cross-functional support and facilitating decision-making in complex situations. She is energized by talent development, efficiency enhancement via data analytics, relationship building and creative problem solving.

She enjoys being a traveler and has been to 30 countries. Lately, she can be found on adventures with her Havanese puppy, or simply settled in at home with a good book.

Brandon Montalbo
Data Analyst
Dunlop Sports Americas

Brandon Montalbo has worked in the sporting goods industry for more than 8 years, and is currently a Data Systems Analyst for Dunlop Sports Americas. He is instrumental in implementing new technologies and applying analysis to the data from those technologies, to support best-in-class service through productivity, efficiency, and quality.

When he is not working, you will find Brandon exploring Arizona with his puppy, Zona, or enjoying a round of golf with close friends.

Will Stagl
Partner Marketing Manager

As the Partner Marketing Manager at CallMiner, Will Stagl helps customers and prospects to understand how to make the most of the platforms and technologies that support their contact center and their enterprise operations. With over 20 years’ experience with SaaS-delivered document management, enterprise resource planning, business process automation, and AI solutions, Will brings a depth and breadth of experience to the conversation to help connect people, systems and processes in a way that drives business transformation.

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