During 2023 the world crept back into a semblance of 'normalcy,' with a resurgence of in-person engagements, more bustling offices, and increased travel.

Amidst this return to some pre-pandemic routines, while facing mounting macroeconomic pressures, businesses found themselves striving to achieve more with fewer resources while upholding increasingly lofty customer expectations. How are these organizations utilizing AI, automation, and customer data strategies to tackle these challenges to deliver customer experience in this evolving new normal?

CallMiner's CX Landscape Report illuminates how companies are leveraging these technologies to overcome challenges, optimize opportunities, and elevate their business outcomes through CX. Join Keith Berg (Contact Center Solutions Senior VP & General Manager, Upland Software), Merlyn Kulkarni (Sr. Director, Alorica), Siddhartha Sharad (Director, CX Transformation, West Monroe), and Jonathan ‘JR’ Ranger (Chief Customer Officer, CallMiner) for a lively panel discussion that will delve into insights from the report and how organizations are utilizing AI and customer data to enhance CX.

This webinar will explore:

  • The current landscape of CX data collection methods and best practices for the transition from solicited to unsolicited feedback
  • How organizations use automation and AI to uncover actionable and drive enhanced CX
  • The importance of employee experience in shaping superior CX and leveraging AI to identify customer vulnerabilities
  • Strategies to foster internal alignment, enhance communication between departments, and optimize leadership's use of CX data for organizational growth
  • More...


Keith Berg
Sr. Vice President & General Manager, Contact Center Solutions
Upland Software

Keith Berg is a seasoned industry expert in knowledge management and enterprise software and the driving force behind innovative solutions at Upland Software. With over two decades of experience, Keith has demonstrated a remarkable ability to anticipate market trends and develop cutting-edge technology to meet evolving customer needs. Keith spearheads the development of high-performance, scalable solutions that empower organizations to achieve unparalleled productivity and efficiency. His passion for leveraging technology to drive business success has earned him recognition as a thought leader in the field.

Merlyn Kulkarni
Sr. Director, Analytics Global Practice Lead

Merlyn Kulkarni serves as the Senior Director and Global Practice Lead for Analytics at Alorica, where she creates strategic and innovative analytics solutions tailored to their clients' unique needs. With a wealth of expertise in BPO, process excellence, and data analysis, Merlyn has a proven track record of driving analytical solutions to enhance business performance.

Siddhartha Sharad
Director and Firmware Leader, Customer Service Transformation
West Monroe

Siddhartha (Sidd) has 20+ years of experience in advisory and executive-level roles in the customer service and contact center transformation space. He leads West Monroe’s Customer Service Transformation practice firmwide, and also serves as the Leader of West Monroe’s Hub Services offerings in the Life Sciences industry. Sidd is particularly passionate about digital transformation, AI and automation, and is currently leading multiple engagements helping clients develop and execute Gen AI programs within the customer service function.

Jonathan (JR) Ranger
Chief Customer Officer

JR is responsible for accelerating CallMiner’s customer success strategy and goals, including improving customer implementation, retention and growth initiatives. With extensive leadership experience, JR is focused on helping CallMiner customers realize transformational value and ROI from conversation intelligence. JR joins CallMiner from Salesforce, which he joined after Salesforce acquired Evergage. As CCO at Evergage, JR led a team committed to helping organizations create relevant real-time customer experiences.

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