Historically, tracking and identifying adverse events have presented significant hurdles for healthcare organizations. The absence of a robust reporting system has hindered effective mitigation strategies. In today's landscape, where precision and efficiency are paramount, healthcare entities are actively seeking innovative solutions to streamline adverse event identification and mitigation processes.

Join our expert speakers from Swoop, West Monroe and Zenylitics in this live panel as they explore the transformative power of conversation intelligence in revolutionizing adverse event management. They’ll share invaluable insights into the evolving healthcare landscape and the pivotal role of technology in effecting positive change.

Key Highlights include

  • Understanding the essential requirements for adverse event identification.
  • Exploring real-world examples illustrating the impact of conversation intelligence.
  • Gaining insights from thought leaders in life sciences and customer service.
  • Discovering strategies for optimizing operational efficiency and adjudication.

Whether you represent a pharmaceutical company, a medical device manufacturer, or a healthcare service provider, this session will provide invaluable insights into enhancing your existing adverse event processes. You'll discover how technology can not only complement but also empower operators and adjudicators to operate with increased efficiency.


Kyle Carter
Co-Founder & VP of Delivery

Kyle Carter is Founder and VP of Delivery at Zenylitics, LLC. Kyle has over 20 years of experience working in the contact center industry, with leadership roles in analytics, operations, customer experience and quality.

Zenylitics provides managed analytics for customers in financial services, healthcare, telecom, e-commerce, and consumer goods and services. The team at Zenylitics are experts at leveraging the CallMiner platform to improve customer experience, provide product intelligence, drive higher sales conversions, ensure regulatory compliance, and accelerate operational efficiency.

Siddartha Sharad
Industry Functional Leader, Life Sciences
West Monroe

Siddhartha (Sidd) has 20+ years of experience in advisory and executive-level roles in the customer service and contact center transformation space also serves as the Leader of West Monroe’s Hub Services offerings in the Life Sciences industry. ​

Prior to West Monroe, Sidd held the position of VP and General Manager of Life Sciences at Conduent, leading a patient-hub services focused business, including top 20 pharma clients such as Pfizer, Amgen and Bayer. He successfully executed a growth strategy within 2 years, launched a new patient service technology platform built on Salesforce Service Cloud. His transformation strategy to turnaround the business drove $8 million+ in annual savings, 500% growth in the pipeline and a 10-point increase in client Net Promoter Scores. ​

Sidd is particularly passionate about digital transformation, AI and automation, and is currently leading multiple engagements helping clients develop and execute Gen AI programs within the customer service function. ​

He holds a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai and a Masters in Business Administration from the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata.

Eric Redline
EVP, Product Strategy

Eric Redline is a seasoned healthcare executive with nearly two decades of experience in the industry. His expertise lies in leveraging data-driven research and analytics to drive innovation and improve patient outcomes. Throughout his career, Eric has held key leadership roles in driving digital transformation for life sciences organizations, implementing next best action capabilities and re-imagining how pharma engages with patients and HCP via Conversational AI. Currently Eric is the EVP, Product Strategy for Swoop's Conversational AI product line, which enhances user engagement on brand websites and helps create a connected data ecosystem for improving marketing spend and generate richer insights on site interactions.

Eric’s passion for healthcare has fueled his commitment to advancing the field through digital innovation, leveraging an analytics-forward approach to decision making and engaging in design centered thinking to ensure amazing user experiences.  

Earl Feldman
VP, Pre Sales Consulting

Earl Feldman has been in the Contact Center Industry since 1990 and in his current role as Vice President of Solutions Consulting with CallMiner since 2021. Earl leads a group of Solution Consultants, Business Analysts, & Solution Engineers dedicated to driving customer success by matching business goals & initiatives with AI-driven Analytics solutions.

Earl earned an M.B.A. from the University of Maryland (Baltimore) with concentrations in both Marketing and Management, as well as a B.A. degree from the University of Pittsburgh, as an Economics and Business dual major.

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